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  “Children's charity NCH… said there was evidence that the 1,500% rise in child pornography cases since 1988 would be reflected in more children being abused to produce the pictures.” – The Guardian, http://www.guardian.co.uk/technology/2004/jan/12/childprotection.childrensservices
  • At the 2 week run at the Rosemary Branch Theatre in 2010, one staffperson and one volunteer from Childline were present each night to answer audience questions and provide information on how to recognize symptoms of child abuse and how to help children who may be in danger.  They provided leaflets with information on volunteering and other ways to help.
  • A video recording of Hooray for Hollywood has been used at a Childline counsellor training days to show a child survivors' point of view and help introduce discussion on the topic of the child exploitation industry.
  • In February 2009, Hooray for Hollywood and the Little Angel Theatre raised £200 for the NSPCC to help prevent crimes against children.  The post-show discussion on 22 February was co-facilitated by Belinda Hollows from Childline.  
  UK charities working on behalf of children's safety:  
  http://nspcc.org.uk NSPCC - if you suspect someone is consuming child pornography or if you feel that a child you know is in danger, please report this to the NSPCC.   
  http://childline.org.uk Childline - if you work with children, please publicize this organization.  Childline provides a hotline which can help support children in abusive situations and help them makes plans on how to deal with the problem.  No action is taken without the child's permission - the child initiates any action based on their own needs.  
  http;//actionforchildren.org.uk Action for Children (formerly called NCH) - runs programmes to support children in care, offers crisis intervention services and parenting support to families at risk, and offers practical assistance to young people in regards to accessing education, training and accomodation.  
  http://www.stopitnow.org.uk/ Stop It Now - support for adult survivors and current victims of childhood abuse as well as recovery options for potential and current perpetrators.  

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